Public Policy Campaign to Enable a Solution to Operation Stack M20. 32 days of Operation Stack in 2015 Cost Business STG 8 Billion (Source: Port of Dover, Freight Transport Association)

Our Proposal

The SEA (Sellindge-Evegate/Aldington) Proposal: Solving Operation Stack M20:

Monserat Properties Ltd, established in 2000 by Dr. Rehan ul-Haq, is the fulcrum of a strategic infrastructure alliance to enable a solution to Operation Stack, the parking of freight vehicles on the M20. A team of experts have engineered a multilevel and multidimensional alliance between appropriate private and the public sector organisations

Operation Stack M20 involves the parking of up to 3,000 lorries on the M20 when the Channel Tunnel and/or the Dover ferry crossings are closed, which causes the sporadic but highly-disruptive seizing-up of a major national (and trans-European) road artery system. Delivering a long-term solution to Operation Stack M20 solution is Objective 1 in Kent County Council’s Freight Action Plan 2012-2016; and the selected (relief lorry park) location is at Sellindge-Evegate/Aldington (SEA, hereinafter) between Junction 10 and 11 on the M20.MPL Proposals re the SEA Development seek to address these three (separable; but also inter-related) problems together;

Section 9.6 of KCC’s Freight Action Plan states that “KCC has been working with Kent Police, the Highways Agency and district councils to find a long-term solution to Operation Stack and has a proposal for a lorry park adjacent to the M20 between junctions 10 and 11…a design is being prepared which will aim to provide 2,700 spaces.”

MPL has pursued this SEA Solution to Operation Stack M20 since 2000 and have given evidence to over 20 public examinations and consultations. This solution is the best solution both on technical and environmental merit; and MPL works closely with KCC to enact this solution.

The Kent Count Council now seek funding to deliver this plan for Operation Stack Lorry park. MPL consider the KCC plan should be modified to provide a new adjacent Junction 10B at Sellindge-Evegate/Aldington on the M20 Ashford, Kent, and a link road to the A2070 thereby providing a longer term comprehensive strategic infrastructure solution to the Ashford Growth Agenda of 31,000 houses (including 4,600 to be built by the Church Commissioners partners) and 28,000 jobs.

The Leader of the Kent County Council, Mr Paul Carter, (supported by Kent Police, the Freight Transport Association and other stakeholders) has publicly (12 March 2008 KCC-Kent TV) declared this location to be KCC’s preferred option (after considering several alternatives in great detail).

For reasons of economy/joint operation it makes obvious sense to locate additional short-stay/overnight Secure Lorry Park/Truck Stop Facilities in Kent on the same site as the designated SEA Relief Lorry Park (to obviate Operation Stack).

Such a Secure Lorry Park/Truck Stop Facility at SEA would:

  • Relieve illegal parking on local roads in Kent, a major concern to local residents;
  • Reduce theft from heavy goods vehicles;
  • Enable KCC, or its partner(s), to provide additional services to hauliers and drivers;
  • Help the police to enforce the law and other bodies to carry out their statutory duties.

Additionally, the SEA Development could assist the local economy in employment generation; and longer term, assist:

  • Ashford Borough Council to achieve its target of 31,000 new houses and 28,000 more jobs.
  • The regeneration of the low income areas of the South East Coast; and
  • The expansion of London Ashford Airport that would attract more passengers and other related businesses which would create more jobs to the area.