Public Policy Campaign to Enable a Solution to Operation Stack M20. 32 days of Operation Stack in 2015 Cost Business STG 8 Billion (Source: Port of Dover, Freight Transport Association)

Operation Stack Public Documents

Dr. Rehan ul-Haq leads the strategic infrastructure alliance to solve Operation Stack M20 and has submitted written or given invited evidence to the following  consultations and examinations:


  • Transport Select Committee (Operation Stack), House of Commons, October 2015.
  • HM Treasury: Strategic Reform/Infrastructure UK, November 2013.
  • Reform: Investment in Infrastructure: Making it Happen at Association of British Insurers, June 2013.
  • Department of Transport, Strategic Road Network-Delivery of Sustainable Development, 2013.
  • HM Government, Growth and Infrastructure Bill 2012-2013.
  • HM Government, HGV Road Users Levy Bill 2012-2013.
  • Ashford Borough Council Local Plan to 2030, 2012.
  • KCC Consultation: Freight Action Plan for Kent 2012-2016, July 2012.
  • Department of Communities and Local Government Consultation, National Planning Policy Framework, 2011.
  • KCC Local Transport Plan for Kent 2011-2016, 2011.
  • KCC Growth Without Gridlock: A Transport Delivery Plan for Kent, 2010.
  • Kent County Council Local Transport Plan for Kent 2011-2016, 2010.
  • The Coalition Agreement: Our Programme For Government, Section 30 Transport, 2010.
  • Kent Partnership, Growth without Gridlock: An Integrated Transport Strategy for Kent, 2009.
  • South East England Partnership Board/Department of Transport, Delivering a Sustainable Transport System (DaSTS), London to Dover/Channel Ports Study, 2009.
  • Kent County Council, 2008.
  • South East England Regional Assembly Examination in Public of the Draft SE Plan (evidence in public by invitation), 2007.
  • Green, D., Ladyman, S, Adjournment Debate, Operation Stack, The House of Commons, The United Kingdom Parliament, House of Commons: Hansard Debates, 6pm 1st February 2007, Column 465-472.
  • South East England Regional Assembly Examination in Public of the Draft SE Plan, 2006.
  • Government Office of the South East Report on Mitigation Measures for Operation Stack, 2006.
  • Eddington Transport Study, 2006.
  • Department of Transport (evidence by invitation), 2005.
  • South East England Regional Assembly SE Plan, 2005.
  • Government Office of the South East Proposed Alterations to RPG9, 2004.
  • South East Regional Assembly Regional Planning Guidance 9 (RPG9) Partial Review Ashford (evidence in public by invitation), 2003.
  • Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Sustainable Communities Consultation, 2003.